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Aeon Guide Blue Serious gamers wrote the Aeon SWTOR Guide, and it shows. They’re competitive players, and while I might not always be the sort to take my own game quite as seriously as they do, the skill clearly came through the writing. The information they give you is very real, and the guide features regular updates. There isn’t anything that tries to get you to follow some sort of hack or exploit. None of the advice will get you banned.Though I can’t promise that the deal will last, I was able to nab the Aeon Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide when it was still offered at a price of $57. That being said, if I had to go back and pay the full $97, I would. It really is worth it, considering that leveling would have been so hard without the class guides. Once you reach level 10, the game suddenly presents you with this huge talent tree. You’re presented with this list of spells and abilities that you’re never given any explanation about. The Aeon Guide really helped me to develop a clear plan for what I wanted to do with my character.Now, admittedly, I’m the hardcore role-playing sort of player. I always like to plan out my character, and give him a definite personality and list of abilities, even if I’m not in this to compete against other people. Aeon worked well for this, and it also helped me find the sort of SWTOR quests to accomplish to get to where I wanted to be.

While there are separate guides for Jedi and Sith players, I took the full package. I knew that I’d eventually want to give both sides of the force a try, so the Aeon Pro Guide didn’t seem like a bad deal at all. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s starting out with the SWTOR platform. Believe me when I say that leveling without a guide isn’t fun at all.

Readability: 3/5. While the guide is clearly written by professionals, it might not be all that readable by those who aren’t familiar with certain bits of gamer slang.

PvP Builds: 4/5. The guide takes you from level 10 to level 50 to make you into a real Jedi Knight, or a Sith Warrior if that’s more your liking.

Itemization Choices: 5/5. Every single person who has ever played an MMORPG will agree with me when I say that character creation takes a long time since you have to think so far in advance. It helps so much to have gear and stat explanations in advance.


PvP Builds:
Itemization Choices:

The Secrets Behind the SWTOR Secrets Guide

Those who really want to level fast might want to take a look at the SWTOR Secrets guide to give them a kick-start. It might sound like a gimmick, but it really does work. Considering that the actual SWTOR documentation is really lacking, an outside guide is almost a necessity for playing the game. What really surprised me is that the 24-hour support offer was real. I never thought that something like that would have really been worth it, but people are actually willing to help out whenever you hit some sort of a snag.

Leveling: 4/5. The SWTOR Secrets guide is great for anyone who wants to jump to level 50 as quickly as possible. One of the worst things about starting out in The Old Republic is dealing with the fact that no one wants to be around you as a new character, but getting to level 50 made me more friends on the dark side of the Force than I could ever want.

Price: 3/5. The $27 price tag isn’t bad at all, but the SWTOR Secrets guide is divided up. There is a separate guide for people playing the Trooper class and the Smuggler class, for instance. This can add up if you’re trying to learn about various classes. However, before I bought more than one, the Sith Inquisitor guide was more than enough to guide me through the game as an assassin character. Moreover, if you really want all of the guides, you can grab them for $47 as a set.

PvP and PvE Coverage: 4/5. The PvE builds and rotations are superb, and they make it so that you can be essentially invincible. The DPS/HPS meter should always end up full. The PvP builds should prevent you from getting bullied too badly. In fact, you should be able to dish out the punishment.

Why I use the Savior Guide for SWTOR

The SWTOR Savior Guide is really one of the better offerings when it comes to player manuals for The Old Republic. I really liked the fact that both the Jedi and Sith factions were covered. Though I personally play a Jedi, I’m glad to have the Sith option if I ever wanted to start over with a darker character. There are three individual sections that make up the Savior guide.

Leveling Guide: 4/5. One of the things that really helped the leveling guide to stand out from the crowd was the color section. Full color maps really help you to know where you’re going. Massive games like SWTOR can quickly become really confusing, and I hate wasting time being lost when I could be leveling up. It’s also great for those of us who like to craft. Being able to easily acquire items for crafting is important if you want to easily make money.

Ultimate Class Guide: 4/5. Well, I’m not sure it really is the ultimate solution, but they provide a complete walkthrough of each class. I’m really nerdy when it comes to this sort of thing, so I actually read through the entire section before I finally choose a class, but you actually don’t need to. You can use the guide to build a great character, regardless of the class you choose. This is great for people who buy the guide, despite already having been involved in the game.

Skills Guide: 3/5. The skills guide features a complete item list for the PVP section, and I found this to be one of the more useful aspects of the skills guide. The Commendation rewards guide is really good for anyone who wants to max out a character, but I’m usually a bit more of calculating player so I enjoyed the sections on diplomacy and investigation.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Strife Video Guide Review

The Strife Guide covers Star Wars: The Old Republic in a number of ways, and I was really happy with the service all together. I use the term service because unlike a lot of other guides, Strife is actually made up of a series of videos instead of a large text manual. This is really great if you’re a visual learner, since you can have a look at what the game’s display should look like when you’re following through the advice. One of the things I’ve found to be a real hassle with guides involves the pictures. There is never enough, and sometimes they’re from a developmental version of the game. Video tutorials don’t have that problem.

SWTOR Economics: 4/5. The credit guide is probably one of the best things that the Strife Guide offers. The video guides are a nice touch, and show how you can make money from almost every aspect in the game. Earning credits from just about everything means that every bit of time spent in game makes your character richer.

Presentation: 3/5. The videos are nice, and there are too many to count. The sheer number might turn off some people who don’t like videos, but for those who watch a lot of video content online anyways, they’re great.

SWTOR Level: 5/5. This has got to be the best thing that the Strife guide has going for it. The talent tree that you get presented with when you’re at level ten is impossible to deal with. In fact, I thought it would have been almost impossible to play without a guide for that reason. It’s frustrating to make choices that you can’t take back, only to learn they were the wrong ones and your character can’t move along the path that you wanted them to.

The Old Republic is Controversial Amongst Anti-Gay Activists

Who’d have thought it would be Star Wars that upsets the religious right? An in-gam relationship option in The Old Republic which allows gamers to join same-sex couples has enraged a religious group in Florida. The Florida Family Association, a far-right advocacy group that’s upset about all the gaming world’s best titles, is deeply disturbed by TOR’s wide range of player customization.

In a bizarre email that mentions ‘Darth RuPaula,’ who we assume is some kind of cross-dressing Sith Lord, the group spoke out against The Old Republic, claiming that it ‘panders to the demands of gay activists’ by including the feature. It’s a little strange that the group waited until now to take action, given that there’s plenty of the same in Bioware’s other big game, Mass Effect 3.

The group’s press release rambles on through a series of cliches and bizarre claims that we’re come to expect from the far religious right, few of them convincing. However, as comical and unusual as it may seem, these kind of groups have a surprising amount of influence in the gaming world. Does anyone remember when Jack Thompson took aim at Grand Theft Auto and almost won.

We’re guessing that the group’s rage isn’t very widely held, given the massive amount of people that are playing The Old Republic and the even greater amounts joining up on a daily basis. With over a million gamers just after its launch, not only is it the quickest-growing MMORPG in history, but it’s potentially one of the fastest-selling games of any kind for the PC.

With those kind of results, we think BioWare can handle the occasional wacky email from a fringe religious ‘family’ group. Given that the game’s relationship options have otherwise been praised by gaming industry critics for their open-ended nature and amount of choice – two essential parts of a MMORPG, by the way – we think they can also rest easy about any critical repercussions.

Whether you play as Darth RuPaula or someone a little less fabulous, it’s good to know that The Old Republic is stirring up controversy well outside the gaming world. Press like this can be great for a game’s player counts, and if the controversy attracts more gamers to The Old Republic, then it’s definitely for the better.

The Old Republic is Hurting World of Warcraft’s Player Count

You know you’re doing well when even your biggest rivals are getting scared. Blizzard’s mammoth online game World of Warcraft is apparently taking a hit due to increased competition from games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game’s developers hinted that they’ve seen a drop in the number of players renewing their subscriptions, which could be blamed on new competition.

Blizzard’s head of production for World of Warcraft, John Lagrave, commented on the downturn in subscribers in recent months, claiming that it’s very likely that other MMORPGs have taken some of World of Warcraft’s player base away from the RPG and over to other games. World of Warcraft currently offers free gameplay up to level twenty for all new players trying out the MMORPG.

It’s a marketing strategy that’s worked fairly effectively for Blizzard, allowing them to maintain the aging game’s momentum over the past few years. But with The Old Republic quickly drawing away many RPG gamers, the former hit RPG’s numbers are falling. Blizzard reported that just under two million gamers had stopped renewing their World of Warcraft subscriptions in recent months.

That’s a pretty significant drop, representing a little under twenty percent of Blizzard’s total income from the game. World of Warcraft now has around 10 million regular players, all of whom continue to renew their subscriptions. Even World of Warcraft’s development team sees The Old Republic as a threat to their business, claiming that it’s certainly drawing players away.

Most of Blizzard’s internal development team have been playing The Old Republic themselves, in an attempt to see what’s taking away their players. John Lagrave, the game’s producer, said that he had continued to play the new Star Wars MMORPG long beyond most of the development team in search of its core values – something that’s important to any competitive game business.

Blizzard said that this kind of drop-off in player levels hasn’t happened with other games. Skyrim, for example, resulted in no significant drop-off in player counts for Blizzard, as did other MMOs that came out recently. The appeal of Star Wars, it seems, appears to be its high level of immersion and quality, which makes it a real long-term competitor to Blizzard’s massive online game.

In the end, only time will tell which game will win out, but by the look of things, The Old Republic is becoming a hit on a truly massive scale. When your toughest competitors are watching all of your moves and crafting their strategy around yours, you know your MMORPG is a huge success.

STWOR Leveling Guide: A Force to be Reckoned With

Order Leveling Guide NowHave you spent your life dreaming of being a Jedi? Always wanted to force choke someone? Do you think about the differences between the Jedi and the Sith in your spare time? Is there a hero living somewhere deep inside of you, or even a villain? Well before you can accomplish any of those things, you first have to level up in Star Wars the Old Republic, a hot new MMORPG that’s taking the gaming world by storm.

Leveling in SWTOR can be a long and arduous process. At the very beginning of the game you will find yourself inundated with choices, some of which have effects which will last until the end of the game. You will certainly want to make sure that you are picking what will work best for your play style in the long haul, and not just what works in the beginning of your explorations. From the starting areas on through key heroic quests, our SWTOR leveling guide can show you the absolute best stops to make, for both top experience and also some of the best gear to get as you are leveling.

Nobody wants to spend weeks or even months trying to get to the top levels of the game, and that’s exactly what this SWTOR guide is going to help you skip. Fast forward your leveling process and get to that endgame content level in no time flat just by following these expert tips. You have the game, and you have the game time, start getting more for your money.

Whether you are trying to make the ultimate Sith Assassin, or the most powerful Jedi Knight, our SWTOR Leveling guide has the perfect advice to get you to the head of your class. If you need help navigating the difficult path of the light or dark side choices to get to that fantastic gear item, this is the SWTOR guide for you. Blow past your fellow players and take advantage of those high level flashpoints before any of your friends get the chance to.

Eager to cross lightsabers with fellow players? Want to snipe that Jedi Consular from across the battlefield? Want to test the shields of your Powertech against the very best of players in the game? Is huttball starting to get seriously boring? Our guide can help you skyrocket past those low levels and get out into the PvP world at lightspeed. You’ll have all the bragging rights over your friends that you’ll ever need, and quickly as well.

Once you’ve streamed through the lower levels with this guide you get to the real payoff: Raid content. Take on the most powerful villains, or do battle with the most noble of heroes. Earn the achievements and recognition that only come with taking out the hardest content that the game has to offer, and only to those who have attained the highest levels.

Regardless of if you are a veteran MMORPG player, or just a Star Wars fan jumping into an exciting new world, our SWTOR leveling guide is the one that can get you where you need to be. Stop struggling with annoying starter quests and guesswork that could ruin your endgame experience, and start discovering the real secrets this game has to offer. May the force be with you – order the Aeon Leveling Guide now!

Getting Ahead in Star Wars: The Old Republic

swtor leveling guideStar Wars: The Old Republic is out on shelves now across the nation, and players are already reaching level cap. How do they level so quickly? The answer to that question is actually rather simple. Leveling quickly in SWTOR is all about knowing where to go, which quests to complete and what content gives players the most experience for the time spent.

This information and every piece of information a competitive MMORPG gamer needs to know can be found in the Star Wars The Old Republic guides that will be purchasable on this site. Inside our SWTOR guides, players will find information on which advanced classes level the quickest, which planets should be done in what order, which bonus quests are worth doing and what side content adds the most to the leveling experience.

Players can also find tips and tricks inside our Star Wars The Old Republic guides. For instance, find out where to get the best gear for each level. Every planet has its own currency that can be used to obtain gear for every character and their companion. Find out how to collect this currency quick, buy the necessary gear and get back to the action. Our guides can also be used to find out which heroic quests can be soloed and which specs perform the best for soloing these difficult quests.

Flashpoints are extremely important in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and they’re one of the game’s most exciting challenges. Inside our guides, players will be able to find out what is available for every class in each flashpoint. The bosses in every flashpoint have a specific loot table. It’s helpful to know exactly what each boss drops before taking the time to find a group. Don’t be left out in the cold. Our SWTOR guides give players the answers they need to know.

In our Star Wars The Old Republic guides, there will also be detailed information about the different datacron locations in SWTOR. Datacrons are important to collect while leveling in order to gain the highest passive stats possible. Specific instructions will be provided that help players know how to get to every important datacron. Some datacrons are tricky to get to, and our guides will ensure that every step taken to reach them is a correct step.

Star Wars: The Old Republic contains a fair amount of optional content to pursue while leveling. Our guides cover specific warzones and space battles, and help players gain the edge. Know which spaceship upgrades to make and where to purchase the components. Learn which tactics to use during which warzone.

It’s also important for players to have a good understanding of the game when first diving deep into the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Be sure to get a good understanding of the user interface and its components. Be familiar with the spells and abilities. Most of the mechanics in the game will be immediately recognizable to fans of similar MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. For players familiar with the genre, the learning curve in SWTOR is simple.

Every serious Star Wars: The Old Republic player needs a plan. Our SWTOR guides spell out all the plans a player could ever want or need. Don’t be left behind. Get ahead of the game today.

SWTOR Beta Info


Bioware is reporting (through EA CFO Eric Brown) that more than 1.5 million folks have signed up as potential beta testers for Star Wars the Old Republic.  Brown says that it is an exciting foreshadow of the success of the game, and while we can’t necessarily disagree, it was hard not to see this coming.

For starters, it has the words “Star Wars” right there in the title.  That alone has got to be worth about a million sign-ups, right?  Secondly, it’s made by Bioware.  You figure that’s worth at least a few hundred thousand more as folks are keenly aware of how good Bioware games have been in the past.  Finally, you have a huge marketing budget with super slick cinematic trailers.  When you tally it up you get 1.5 million people that are so desperate to try out the game for free that they’re willing to help you work on testing it.  If you want to become one of the millions, you can sign up here to throw your name in the hat.

For some of these 1.5 million SWTOR beta testers, playing the game has already become a reality.  Bioware started up its “Beta Test Weekends” program in March, wherein every weekend a select number of people get the opportunity to beta test the game.  Very strict NDAs are involved so little is known about it publicly, but it seems to be a select group of people that are being given access, as you would expect.  However, Bioware has mentioned that from here on out the number of testers participating in the beta would be greatly increased, so if you’re on the waiting list be sure to keep an eye on your email for a chance to see first hand if the game is living up to the hype thus far.

One of the major things being tested in the beta is the server load, and even if things go well Bioware isn’t about to roll out the release unprepared.  Instead, Bioware will intentially limit the number of copies of Star Wars the Old Republic that are available at launch.  It’s a method called phased introduction, which is commonly used with large hardware rollouts.  In this case, since an MMO is so similar to a hardware rollout, it makes a lot of sense.  Bioware doesn’t want all their servers crashing and burning on day one because five million people all tried to log on at once.  Instead, expect lots of “sold out” signs as Bioware makes sure that the servers will handle those precious few people that get the game on day one, and will gradually roll out more copies of the game as server capacity is increased and tested.  This is essentially the same thing that is happening with the beta, as they started with a small crew and once everything was stable for them began rolling out more and more invites.  Don’t expect to be able to get around these limitations by just buying the game digitally either, as both the physical and digital versions of the game will be restricted.  Yes, that’s right, you may actually see a “sold out” sign on a digital product that has no physical presence to sell out of.  When you see it and are ready to vent, just remember that it’s for the greater good.

Sith Inquisitor Class

Sith Inquisitor

The latest SWTOR class to be revealed is none other than the infamous Sith Inquisitor.  The Sith Inquisitor is basically the dark side version of the Jedi Consular.  Of course, playing as the Sith Inquisitor will have you wielding a lightsaber and the force, as with the Sith Warrior.  The major difference is the inquisitors focus on force powers.  You can think of it as the “mage” of the dark side, to put it in more traditional MMO terms.

Like a tradition mage, the Inquisitor will be best suited with some meat in front of him to take the hits while he doles out the damage.  His abilities range from strong AoE attacks like Overload and Force Lightning.  Overlord will stun and drain energy from enemies within 10m of your casting spot, with a chance to knock the enemies down to the ground.  Force lightning works similarly to the way it does in most Star Wars games, beginning as a direct single target attack and evolving into a wide cone that inflicts massive damage on all enemies within the area.

From a story standpoint, the Sith Inquisitor has a reputation as treacherous, political deviants that use their powers of manipulation to exploit people into doing what they want then stabbing them in the back the first chance they get.  Sith Inquisitors are few in number (though they surely won’t be in the actual game since they’re so dang cool) because few are able to withstand the rigorous trials required to become one.  You must be willing to exploit and manipulate others with no remorse, and look not just to destroy your enemy but to take their power and profit from their demise.  You must study the force and learn its secrets and how to control them in a way that no one else has.

Force lightning and other various forms of lightning (like drain life) are known to be their signature and you can bet that anyone playing as one will be spamming purple and blue lightning like there’s no tomorrow.  Emperor Palpatine would be the most similar equivalent to a Sith Inquisitor in the Star Wars movies that you’re no doubt so familiar with.

Other abilities that will be available to you upon selecting this class include Dark Heal, Lightning Drain, Bash, Unbreakable Will, Force Speed, Deflection, Cloud Mind, Nightmare, and Sacrifice.  Upon progressing down the skill tree you’ll also need to pick one of two branches, either Assassin or Sorcerer.  As an assassin, your skills and attributes will be more intertwined with stealth and short range combat.  As a sorcerer you can develop into the force controlling badass that you dream of becoming in real life.  You’ll have more energy to play with, more projectile and AoE attacks, and do more damage with the force.

So, what kind of users should play as the Sith Inquisitor in Star Wars the old Republic?  For starters, people that want to be evil.  Very evil.  If you like to be the guy that dishes out the damage then playing as the inquisitor and going the sorcerer route is a very good idea as well.  If you thought that Emperor Palpatine was cooler than Darth Vader then this is certainly the class for you.